Friday, January 8, 2010

Who the Vikings should play Playoffs

As you all know the Vikings have a first round bye in the playoffs. I'm going to play Armchair Analyst to show what team the Vikings will face.


This would be worst case scenario for me, at least in the second round. I would LOVE to see a Vikings vs. Packers game in the NFC Championship, so I would hate it if this happens in the Divisional Playoffs.


This matchup is really intriguing to me as the Vikings did not play against the Cowboys this season, so I am truly interested in this game. The advantage that the Vikings have is that we don't have to play in the giant stadium Dallas has. I like this matchup and I wonder if Dallas can handle the pressure.

This game is basically a game of revenge for the Vikings. Earlier in the season, the Vikings lost in Phoenix. Now that the Vikings are playing at home (Where they were undefeated) they can actually have their revenge.

So the teams most desirable to me are (in order) the Cardinals, Cowboys, and the Packers. The Vikings should easily be able to play in the NFC Championship game and maybe even the Super Bowl if they can.