Friday, December 25, 2009


I have a mutt's worth of feelings on next semester. While I get new classes, which is exciting, I have butterflies in my stomach since I have more than a regular course-load. There's one part of me that is ready to take on this challenge of 16 credits, however, I'm a little bit intimidated because of this load. I feel like I am biting off more than I can chew. If I do decide to drop a class, I probably will take it the following semester. I just don't want to flunk this semester and risk being on probation.
I also have a lot going on in terms of cru. Outside of the usual Bible Study and Meetings. I have decided to take on discipleship (basically a one on one Bible Study) with my good friend/leader Mike. This is a big step in my faith and I think it can make me grow deeper in my faith. I feel that since heading off to college, God and I have been falling apart from each other even though I have been going to cru, going to Bible Study, etc. There are so many aspects in my life that need to be improved not only in a tangible way, but in an intangible way.

I really hope I can pull this semester off. If I can, I have proven that I can work under pressure, if not, I need to back up, take a glance at this semester, and analyze what I have done wrong.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Home!

Now that finals are done (THANK GOD!), I can finally relax at home and not worrying about this paper or that test. Through this, I can focus on my family, myself, and the true meaning of Christmas.

With that being said, I went back to my home taekwondo school back in Woodbury and I can say that I miss those guys very much. Even though I am doing it in St. Cloud, it just isn't the same. There are different ways classes are conducted and I felt somewhat lost. It feels good going back to my roots and practicing with my friends again.
I can't wait to see my sister and my niece again. This will probably be the last time I see her for a while as she is continuing her studies in La Crosse, WI. I'll probably push her to get Skype. It would make things more bearable lol.
One event that I am looking forward to is TCX. I think God was definately pushing me to do this, I feel like that this first semester was stressful and even though I joined cru, I felt far away from God. I wasn't putting God at the forefront of my life and I feel like I need to reconnect with Him.
Well, I guess that is all, keep on being awesome and Merry Christmas! Later, Later!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Oh man, what has happened to me. First YouTube, then Facebook, then Twitter, NOW THIS? Yeah, I'd figured that a blog can allow me to express my feelings with no character limits. If you can't tackle something head on, you're better off getting around it. Another thing that I'm starting this is because I know some friends already and I want to jump on the bandwagon. With that being said, this is what I'll write about in this here blog.
  • My experiences here at St. Cloud State University. This may include classes, friends, sports (oh yeah, you will hear a lot about Husky Hockey), Campus Crusade for Christ (or cru for short) and other findings on my journey.
  • My faith life, how God is working in my life, and what I think He is saying.
  • My tae kwon do plans. I have done TKD for eight years and I love it. It continues to play a major role in my life even though college has gotten in the way.
  • Other things on my mind. I tend to think a lot and I think what is going on in my life in general. Whether it may be joys or struggles.
With that being said, I will start off talking about the end of my first semester in SCSU. I felt that I was under pressure because of all of those papers. And going without a laptop for a month and a half didn't help either. However, through all of these papers, I found solace in my friends. Whether it was in my dorm, in class, or at cru, I felt like I belonged here and the homesickness was rarely there.

Until today, I was searching for a church while I was up there. I tried two churches and I didn't feel like I belonged there. Today, one of my bible study leaders took me to a church on the border of town and I really liked it. I felt like I could go there while I did my studies. Thank you Westwood Church for that.

I'd like to end my inaugural blog with a scripture verse.

24 Don't use your mouth to tell lies;
don't ever say things that are not true.
25 Keep your eyes focused on what is right,
and look straight ahead to what is good.
26 Be careful what you do,
and always do what is right.
-Proverbs 4:24-26