Friday, December 25, 2009


I have a mutt's worth of feelings on next semester. While I get new classes, which is exciting, I have butterflies in my stomach since I have more than a regular course-load. There's one part of me that is ready to take on this challenge of 16 credits, however, I'm a little bit intimidated because of this load. I feel like I am biting off more than I can chew. If I do decide to drop a class, I probably will take it the following semester. I just don't want to flunk this semester and risk being on probation.
I also have a lot going on in terms of cru. Outside of the usual Bible Study and Meetings. I have decided to take on discipleship (basically a one on one Bible Study) with my good friend/leader Mike. This is a big step in my faith and I think it can make me grow deeper in my faith. I feel that since heading off to college, God and I have been falling apart from each other even though I have been going to cru, going to Bible Study, etc. There are so many aspects in my life that need to be improved not only in a tangible way, but in an intangible way.

I really hope I can pull this semester off. If I can, I have proven that I can work under pressure, if not, I need to back up, take a glance at this semester, and analyze what I have done wrong.

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